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Eating at The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

You make your way up the coast of the Indian Ocean for several miles, passing road side markets, children walking home from school, and mopeds dripping fruit from the handle bars until you find the turn-off onto Michanwi Pingwe Beach.

Watching your step, you make your way down the steep sand dune, and as you look up towards the shore, it rises from the storm-green sea. It looks like a piece of fiction- a Zanzibaris version of a "cottage in the woods."

Depending on the tides, there is more than one way to reach the tiny island. It’s all about timing. When the tides are high, a boat will shuttle you across to and from your meal, but when the tides are low, you simply walk. I would suggest booking your reservation midday/ early afternoon for the best of both worlds. I arrived in late July at noon, my reservation was for two, and I left by four. This gave me plenty of time to explore before my meal and enjoy the water while the tides were high then have a post-lunch stroll back to the shore. 

Nota Bene : Check the tide forecast before you book as these times change throughout the year.

The menu is simple yet effective, offering options that reflect the culture of Zanzibar- including vegetables and spices from their world-famous farms and beef imported from inland Tanzania.  Fish is a crowd favorite and is caught fresh daily by local fishermen just down the beach from the restaurant.

Don't forget dessert!


More Information

The Rock Restaurant

Location: Pingwe Michanvi Kae, Michamvi, Tanzania

Price: $$


Reservations are required!

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