10 Eco-Friendly Travel Products

From the individual wrapping to extra trash from , waste from travel can quickly add up. Fret not! You can help the planet and cut your carbon footprint by packing smart, environmentally-conscious products to accompany you on your journey.

Check out some of our favorite Eco-Friendly Travel Products!


1 Bamboo Utensils

Well... bamboo everything really. Forks, toothbrushes, combs, bowls, you name it! What makes bamboo a great sustainable material to work with? Bamboo grows very quickly on its own, can be cultivated without the use of environmentally harmful pesticides, produces lots of oxygen while using plenty of CO2 in order to grow, helps control soil erosion, and it can practically be crafted into almost anything you might need! What an epic plant.


2 Waterproof Wash Bag

I am often asked how I handle washing laundry while traveling. The secret is simple, I clean my clothes the way 90% of the planet does: by hand. There is something cathartic, even romantic, about washing your laundry by hand and hanging it to dry- not to mention, it saves a huge amount on water and electricity! A waterproof wash bag is a simple, clean, and easy method to get the job done quickly. Add clothes, water, and detergent; for the appropriate amount of time, bat the bag around like you are a cat, and it is your ball of yarn; remove clothes and drain water; rinse clothing; hang to dry.


3 Water Bottle

With the appropriate water intake for adults being about 2 liters per day, your plastic bottle count can begin to rack up while you’re on the go. Having your own water bottle is both the environmental savvy option and saves you money!

Nota Bene: For those who are not keen on carrying around a clunky bottle all the time, try one of the cool collapsible bottles! I’ve been using them for years and still think they’re fun.


4 Reusable Toiletries Bottles

Small travel-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner are extremely helpful but waste a large amount of plastic in regards to how much product it can actually hold. Refilling reusable toiletry bottles from a larger bottle is not only a way to help the environment, but it is also great ways to save money!


5 Reusable Straws

Since I was a kid, plastic straws have rubbed me the wrong way. After seeing this (graphic) video with a poor sea turtle with one stuck in its head, it’s hard not to be bothered by how thoughtlessly we reach for them everyday. Alas, if you’re looking for something to help ease the transition away from them, I recommend reusable straws! You can choose your own colors and style, which, let’s be honest, makes it more fun, and many are equipped with your own cleaning brush and carrying case. While this might not be as time efficient as simply chucking your dirty  utensils, a few extra moments to wash things like this is all it takes for you to do your part in saving the planet!

If you can’t do reusable, remember to grab a biodegradable option!


6 Bee’s Wrap

I nerd out over this stuff, you guys! Plastic wrap / aluminum foil is often overlooked when doing an eco-conscious life overhaul due to it being difficult to find a replacement for.

Well, the party has arrived, kiddos!

Bee's Wrap is a reusable cling wrap for food and containers. I take sheets with me everywhere I go for carry-on snacks, leftovers, etc. Easy to use, easy to clean. 


7 Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen

Chemicals from most sunscreens destroy coral reefs and can wreak havoc on our oceans, but because sun screen has a hand in keeping us safe, most people don't even know about its dark side. So take a few spare moments while shopping to do your research an find a brand that follows eco-friendly guidelines and organic recipes


8 Recycled Towels

Of all the products I believe could be manufactured from recycle plastics, I would have not guessed towels could be added to the list! My favorite eco-friendly adventure and travel themed towels can be found at Nomadix- they're made from recycled plastic bottles! These guys are perfect for the beach, music festivals, yoga, and more!


9 Packing Cubes from Recycled Plastic

Packing cubes are a favorite for regular travelers, but did you know that some companies actually manufacture them from recycled plastics?? How awesome is that?! I have been using these for many years and only just discovered this a couple months ago. I am still geeking out about it.


10 Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries contain metals that are harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly (Think about how many times you've simply chucked dead batteries into an ordinary trash bin!). The best solution is to do proper disposal research and begin using rechargeable batteries- not to mention, it saves you a ton of cash. Win-win!

Nota Bene: Try solar power!