8 Things to Pack for an African Safari

While there is plenty to pack for an African adventure, some things for safari are a must! From safety to comfort, a lot depends on knowing the environment in which you will be traveling and listening to your local guides. I've listed some of the basics to get you started!

Check out my top 8 things you must pack for your African safari!


It's no surprise that steady boots are at the top of the list for exploring the different African terrains, but many people skip on the quality. I recommend something that allows you to be prepared for anything that may arise- seriously.. all sorts of things pop up in those grasses.

On most of my journeys, you'll see me rocking Forsake adventure boots! I'm a huge fun of their all-weather construction and sneaker-hiking boot designs.


Different gear works for different people, and it is all a matter of finding what works for you. Within the next couple month, I will be putting out several articles regarding the gear I use on the go. 

When you're actually out on safari, always remember to listen to your guide. There will be times he or she insists on you not taking photos- respect their advice.

Additional things to be aware of when photographing in different countries are cultural customs. Some people do not like having their photos taken, others expect pay for it. 

Reliable Adventure Bag

Having a solid adventure pack is like having a constant partner throughout your adventures! The best are versatile, making camera gear, personal item, and snacks easy to manage. 

If you are juggling a good amount of camera gear, I think F-Stop Bags have some impressive designs for managing everything quickly and painlessly.

If you are really just snapping photos on your phone and are looking to pack for experience, Polare are light and comfortable with plenty of compartments for storage. Wandrd (seen in photos) provides a nice medium for photography gear and experience- not to mention, I adore their modern, sleek designs. 

External Batteries

Whether you're trying to take Instagram stories in Ngoro Ngoro or want to recharge your headlamp in your tent on the Serengeti, there is no better way to feel prepared than by having spare electricity for potential low batteries regardless of the device.

On my adventures, I carry a couple of rechargeable external batteries in my bag! Plug things in as soon as they get low, and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.


You guys know the obvious advantages to bringing sunglasses while exploring, but they are also important on safari for reducing the amount of dust that gets to your eyes while driving or during wind storms.

Whether you prefer vintage style or something more chic, investing in a pair is a must!


Hats serve many purposes on safari: to aiding vision (especially while taking photos), blocking dust, preventing sunburn, fending off bugs- not to mention, they totally make you feel like Indiana Jones. 

Two of my favorite brands for fun, travel/ adventure hats are Will & Bear and Lack of Color!

The Right Clothes

Clothes are not just for looking good on safari. The right clothing has specific designs and colors that are also for your comfort and safety. From bugs biting you for wearing black to lions being spooked with your wearing red, it is always important to research your destination before you pack.

Full run-down on What to Wear on Safari coming soon!

Your Stoke

Get excited! More than looking good or taking the perfect photo, you are embarking on a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure. Take time each day to vlog or write in a journal to note gratitude!

Do not forget to look up.

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