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About Me

Hello! My name is Azrael Renee, a former gypsy child with a passion for exploration and knowledge. My romance with wanderlust began as a young child. Bred from outlaws and sirens, my life was destined to be strange long before I was born. I come from a long line of nomadic criminals- as you can imagine, I was not your average kid.

Travels during my young life were just as interesting as my childhood itself. From our car breaking down at 2 a.m. in Death Valley to accidentally swimming with wild dolphins off the coast of Florida, if there is one thing my life was not, it's stagnant. With each new horizon, I developed a more resourceful mind, an unshakable sense of independence, and a thirst to experience everything the world had to offer. 

I lived on my own after 18, finishing my senior year and beginning university on my own. Of course, there were some bumps along the way that any college student would run into- there were a couple of mountains as well. 


Despite any setbacks and curve balls, I finished university with some wonderful accomplishments under my belt: president of an academic/ volunteer organization, four years working in a research lab- won a national award for said research, textbook scholarship founder, and was an undefeated two-time national boxing champion. I also managed to study abroad twice in Europe and solo backpack Central America during my undergraduate years, where it became apparent that international travel was something I would begin to put priority on.

I earned a spot in a PhD program for Human Behavior and Criminology, had visited a branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to speak with several agents and to prepare myself for an internship opportunity, and had six months to shake it out and relax before classes began.

While I was resting, unease began to bubble to the surface. Black clouds of world events began to surround my career and mindset. The future I had worked so hard for was found wanting. I was discouraged and decided to take some time for myself, doing what I was raised to do - disappear. 

During my time off, I saw merit in my childhood dreams— particularly the first: to experience the world.

Before waiting for confirmation from the universe, I quit both programs, bought a camera, and started piecing together a new plan. I began She Breathes Fire to communicate my love for authentic travel and adventure and our need for more conscious, sustainable mindsets while on the road and at home. By sharing more about myself, I hope to empower others- those who have been through the ringer, who strive to be independent, who seek to balance their lives while pushing their limits.

​Now, I split my time between my writing, activist work, and being open to new adventures around the globe! I’ve met the most unlikely of teachers in the strangest of places. I have seen hope turn to possibility, possibility to actuality, and I’m still searching for more.

For the Curious. For the Brave. 



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